In which these people…

IMG_0101 IMG_0004

drive this thing…


across this thing…


for reasons that might become apparent by the time they get to the end.

The proposed route looks something like this…


Which is clearly the obvious route to take. We start in Tampa on 28th May and fly out of Seattle on 24th August, 89 days later. One less than the standard tourist visa allows us to stay.

Phase 1 takes us to Chicago via Bonnaroo Music Festival

Phase 2 to New Orleans for the San Fermin festival

Phase 3 to L.A. via a large stretch of whatever the hell is in that space

Phase 4 to Seattle via Highway 1 up the west coast

We’re already booked up to Chicago with horse racing, gig watching, wrestling and trying not to get shot in Detroit. But after that it’s very much a make it up as we go along situation down to New Orleans and across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. We therefore invite suggestions, tips or challenges for this part of the journey from anyone with insider knowledge, the ability to use Google, or a wish to see us (Matt) do anything ridiculous.

Wish us luck!


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